Your Queen is a Reptile


My queen is Ada Eastman
My queen is Mamie Phipps Clark
My queen is Harriet Tubman
My queen is Anna Julia Cooper
My queen is Angela Davis
My queen is nanny of the maroons
My queen is Yaa asantewaa
My queen is Albertina Sisulu
My queen is Doreen Laurence

Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do

Naim Records

1. In Memory Of Samir Awad
2. In The Castle Of My Skin
3. Tiger
4. Mo’ Wiser
5. Breadfruit
6. The Hour Of Judgement
7. The Long Night Of Octavia E Butler
8. Afrofuturism
9. Play Mass


Naim Records

1. All Will Surely Burn
2. The Godfather
3. Inner Babylon
4. The Book of Disquiet
5. Going Home
6. Adonia’s Lullaby
7. Song for Galeano
8. Beware
9. The It is
10. Rivers of Babylon